A Berry Summertime Treat: Pink Milk & Strawberry Popsicles

July 16, 2010 | Written By:

By Mark Bishop, Deputy Director

Pink milk. I was at a two-year-old's birthday
party the other day, and one of the parents came in and said, “I brought
pink milk.” I must admit that my
stomach churned a bit. I couldn't imagine subjecting anyone's child to
this product (recently made famous on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution reality show), with all its added sugars and dyes. But fortunately there is a healthy — and very tasty — alternative.

am a huge fan of summer berries, and summer time is here. You can achieve a much healthier — and equally pink! — result with just three ingredients. And then when you take it a step further,
you get something really special: frozen strawberry pops.

Strawberry Milk
(& Popsicles)

5-6 strawberries
cup milk
honey or sugar to taste
A pinch of sea
salt for additional flavor (optional)

Blend all
together in a blender or with a immersion blender.

But Henry wanted the
frozen pops. For that, you'll need one more thing:

is easy and fun. Henry was able to count out the berries and put them in
the bowl. We talked about what happens when liquids go into the
freezer. Then we blended the fruit and milk with my hand blender
together. After day care, he ran into the house eager to find out what
happened to his frozen pops.

And that evening after dinner, he was so
excited to eat his strawberry Popsicle. My wife and I were happy knowing
exactly what was in the ingredient list of this very pink milk.

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