A Fun, Healthy Idea for the Thanksgiving Table

November 21, 2012 | Written By:

We're always looking for new, fun ways to celebrate holidays without lots of sweets. And of course, we love when kids get excited about fruits and veggies. Here's one new idea that combines both of these goals into a festive treat. Plus, it's also a craft project and (wait for it) a centerpiece!


Yes, it's a veggie turkey. This idea comes to us from Jovita Flores, manager of Parents United for Healthy Schools. Jovita works with parents all over the city as part of HSC's network of wellness teams, and one group had recently been skewering fruit kabobs into tasty flower-like bouquets. With Thanksgiving coming up, Jovita created a new, delicious (and really nutritious!) kind of turkey for the holiday table.

The body of the turkey is made of a large vegetable or fruit (most likely an eggplant, pineapple or squash). Fruit or veggie kabobs make up the feathers. (We used wooden skewers.) The eyes are cucumbers topped with grapes or prunes on toothpicks, and red and yellow pepper pieces create the beak and mouth. 

It's a great holiday activity for the kids (much healthier than making a gingerbread house!) and the entire thing is edible once the day is over.

Thanks to Jovita, teams of parents across the city are creating these fruit and veggie turkeys at their school wellness team meetings. (One group is even giving a turkey to their principal as a special gift). 

Try it out, and share your creative variations on this fun, edible craft project!


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