Act Now for Healthy School Food in Illinois

August 11, 2014 | Written By:

Act now for healthy school food

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is finalizing a new rule limiting junk food in school fundraisers. While this is an important step forward, as written, the proposed rule will not have the effect we want. The proposed rule would allow high schools to have 36 junk food fundraisers in 2014-2015! That’s a junk food fundraiser every week of the school year.

As schools across the state are implementing their wellness policies and creating healthy fundraising strategies, this rule would send a message that using candy, cookies and ice cream to raise school funds is acceptable. Please join us in telling ISBE that we need their help to create healthy schools for our kids, and allowing 36 junk food fundraisers a year is inconsistent with that mission.

Illinois friends, please send a letter to ISBE by August 25 expressing your concern over the proposed rule.

Yes, we know that schools operate on tight budgets. Fundraisers often support much-needed programs, teach kids leadership skills and more. But with a little creativity, healthy or non-food fundraisers can be every bit as successful as those featuring unhealthy food. In fact, as a recent Chicago Tribune article noted, big events such as 5k races may be even more successful. In the long run, the biggest success of all is supporting healthy kids who are ready to learn. That’s why we need ISBE to be a partner in creating healthy school environments for our kids. Send a letter now.

Ready to start a healthy fundraiser or talk to your child’s school about fundraising? Learn more:

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