Activity Friday: Treat Students to a Fun Fall Game!

October 25, 2013 | Written By:

Autumn activity time.

For those of us in Illinois, the temperature is dropping, and it’s time to break out the sweaters. With the leaves changing colors, we recommend encouraging students to take a little time to appreciate the natural beauty around them. Exploring nature sparks curiosity and has been shown to be a mood booster. Instead of using candy in classroom celebrations this Halloween, try treating students to a fun fall game. Here’s one for grades K-2!

Leaf Line (via East Carolina University (ECU) [pdf]

Ask students to each bring in a leaf — either from home or en route to school. Teachers: don’t forget to have a few extra leaves on hand!

For this activity, students walk to the front of the class and get in order based on the size of the leaves they brought or were given. They must line up from smallest leaf to largest leaf, without talking. This inspires teamwork and nonverbal communication as well as an opportunity to look at nature.

Once students are lined up, try moving them into different groups based on leaf color, shape or texture. Ask what kind of tree it came from, and have them describe the tree — height, color, where it is in the neighborhood.

Students can act out different kinds of trees for an extra physical boost — ECU suggests “tree swaying in the wind,” “tree during a thunderstorm or hurricane” or “tree weighed down with snow” as just some of the possibilities.

Educators! On November 20th, check out a Fit to Learn teacher workshop.

Physical Activity in the Classroom

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