An Exciting Encore for the Winning Meal from Cooking up Change 2011!

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Students from CVCA at Cooking up Change 2011

Today in Chicago Public Schools, students are enjoying the winning meal from last year's Cooking up Change Chicago healthy cooking contest. Designed by the student chefs from Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA), the meal includes freshly baked chicken and a leafy greens-and-cabbage salad (called “Cousins”). It's a great reminder that delicious, healthy meals can be winners in the lunchroom year-round. 

Another group of student chefs will soon jump into the competition at Cooking up Change 2012. What can they expect to learn from the event? The 2011 CVCA team shared their observations with us:

On teamwork:
“We just complemented each other. We listened to each other and didn't talk over each other.” — Tatiana, student chef

On what it means to win:
“When they said our name, I was crying. It just felt so good. . . [I knew] that would make our school look good. We just won a culinary competition: we are accomplishing something.” — Jerome, student chef

On big lessons:
“I learned teamwork. I learned to work together, work hard, stay focused.” — Diamonte, student chef

With this year's Cooking up Change just around the corner, we couldn't be more excited for this encore from last year's competition to be served in CPS. It's a delicious, healthy meal that definitely deserves to be on the table again and again.

Soon we'll have another round of winners to celebrate! 

To learn more or purchase tickets for this year's culinary contest and benefit on November 9, visit

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