Announcing the Summer 2011 Green Cleaning Webinar Series!

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HSC is thrilled to announce our summer 2011 Green Cleaning Webinars, a series of online seminars featuring national leaders and on-the-ground experts on green cleaning in schools! These concise and practical sessions, offered free of charge, can help you begin a green cleaning program or expand and enhance a program that is already underway at your school. Follow the links below to learn more and register!


Learn from the Leaders
June 15, 2011

Winners from the 2010 Green Clean Awards will discuss the highlights of their programs and share tips and strategies for starting and sustaining a green cleaning program. A question and answer session will follow the webinar and will give participants the chance to interact with and learn from the Green Clean Award winners.

Speakers: Michael Jones of the Columbia Public School District; Pat Pizzo of East Meadow Union Free School District; and Kimberly Thomas of the University of Georgia Physical Plant



Green Cleaning and Infection Control
June 27, 2011

Building engineers and content experts will discuss strategies for controlling the spread of infections while maintaining a healthy school environment. Speakers will discuss the challenges and solutions involved in making infection control a regular part of your green cleaning program.

Speakers: Mervin Brewer of the Salt Lake City School District; Donna Duberg, Assistant Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science at Saint Louis University; and Deb Stafford of Green Chimneys School

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New Technology and Green Cleaning
July 18, 2011

Building engineers and content experts will discuss the latest and greatest technology in green cleaning and review the new products they are using in the schools they serve. In addition, speakers will discuss strategies for creating buy-in among cleaning staff for new green cleaning technology and building support for green cleaning programs throughout the school community.

Speakers: Steve Ashkin of The Ashkin Group LLC; Gene Woodard of the University of Washington; and a representative of a K-12 school.



The Dollars and Cents: Making the Financial Case for Green Cleaning
August 1, 2011

Speakers will discuss the financial benefits of green cleaning and share strategies they have identified for saving in product and labor costs. Speakers will share their own stories of implementing cost effective green cleaning programs.

Speakers: Steve Ashkin of The Ashkin Group LLC; Michael Jones of Columbia Public School District; and Pat Pizzo of the East Union School District

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Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools
August 15, 2011

Healthier cleaning processes in schools are good for workers, students and staff; they also make a difference for attendance and the long-term bottom line. But how do you implement a healthy cleaning program in a time of immediate budget crisis? Speakers will address effective strategies and practical tips.

Speakers: Rex Morrison, Housekeeping Training Coordinator for the Washoe County School District; and Allen Rathey, president of InstructionLink/JanTrain, Inc.

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Plus: Be sure to check out HSC's Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools! Click here to learn more and order your free copy of the guide.

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