Another Great Tool at the “Tools for Schools” Conference: The Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning i

January 15, 2008 | Written By:

Today we have a guest blog from Bill Thompson, Director of Facilities for Lockport Township High School.

Last month I attended the EPA “Tools for Schools” Conference, the annual conference that brings together school facilities staff, health care providers, and interested teachers and parent groups to learn about the EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Kit that makes assessing and solving indoor air quality problems easier. 

At the conference, I had an opportunity to hear from people from across the country as they discussed their concerns and strategies for addressing indoor air quality in schools.

I was honored to have the chance to  present  a seminar called “Green Cleaning: Products and Practices for Clean and Healthy Schools,” where I  shared my experience with green cleaning at Lockport Township High School in Illinois to an eager audience of more than 150 people.  (You can check out the presentation here [pdf]. HSC also profiled [pdf] this experience at Lockport in the Summer 2007 issue of Healthy Schools magazine.)

After the seminar,  many attendees told me they had no idea green cleaning was so easy to implement.

At least a dozen people said they planned to start a green cleaning program at their school right away and that they would use The Quick and Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools to help them get started.

In addition to the people at my seminar, another 600 or so attendees received copies of the guide along with other indoor air quality literature. 

If any attendees hadn’t heard of green cleaning before the conference, they certainly had by the time they left. And more importantly, they had a tool to help them start their own program.

Interested in starting your own green cleaning program? Request a free copy of The Quick and Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools from Healthy Schools Campaign today!

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