Arbor Day Physical Activity Fun!

April 27, 2012 | Written By:

Today is Arbor Day! This spring observance is a great time to engage kids in celebrating the beauty of nature, learning about and protecting trees. It is also a great opportunity to be active and enjoy the outdoors!


Here are a few simple ideas for observing Arbor Day in a fun and active way! 

Clean up your schoolyard, park or neighborhood. You can contribute to the beautification of your community by picking up trash or even planting a garden. 

Take a hike. According to Health Status, a 30 minute hike can burn 202 calories. Head to your local forest preserve to take a scenic walk and check out the trees!

Plant a tree. Trees not only look beautiful but also provide environmental benefits such as improving air quality, preventing water run-off and providing shade. The Arbor Day Foundation offers plenty of ideas and even tree-planting volunteer opportunities across the country.  

Celebrate in your classroom! Check out ideas for connecting Arbor Day to fun lessons and educational experiences for kids. This interactive lesson guide offers ideas for science, math, social studies, English, physical education and more! 

Of course, you can put these ideas in practice all year — any time you want to highlight physical activity and environmental stewardship. Learn more from the Arbor Day Foundation site.

How are you celebrating Arbor Day?

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