Assistant Principal Evy Block Shares Her Breakfast in the Classroom Experience

July 20, 2011 | Written By:

We recently chatted with Melville W. Fuller Elementary  School assistant principal Evy Block who shared her experience with the Breakfast in the Classroom program. Her school pu tthe program in place in Spring 2011.

Block notes that the program is key in addressing student hunger at school. “I was a teacher for many years,” she said. “Kids come into school and they say ‘I’m hungry.’ That complaint is almost nonexistent now. . . We don’t know if the kids have breakfast before they come to school, we don’t know if they have dinner at night, but we do know that they have a healthy breakfast once they get to school.” 

Block added that as an unexpected bonus, the program has also provided opportunities for productive and environmentally responsible classroom projects. At Fuller, the eighth graders have taken on the task of collecting and recycling milk cartons as the focus of a class project on sustainability.

You can read the interview with Evy Block and see profiles og other principals on our new site, 

Plus! If you are in Chicago and want to show support for Breakfast in the Classroom, you can sign a petition in support of the program or add your organization to the list of supporters.

You can also read breakfast updates on the HSC blog.

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