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December 20, 2012 | Written By:

Recess. Good food. Clean, fresh air.

At Healthy Schools Campaign, we believe all children should have access to school environments that truly support their health and learning.

With your support, HSC has made significant progress in creating healthier schools and addressing the health crises of childhood obesity and asthma. 2012 has been an especially exciting and impactful year. Today, we are happy to share a snapshot of our these efforts:

Transforming School Food

350,000+ students in Chicago Public Schools are eating healthier school food—including regionally grown produce and chicken raised without antibiotics in nearby Indiana—thanks to policies and practices the district has put in place with HSC’s support.

Transforming School Fitness

All Chicago elementary students will enjoy the benefits of recess this year! HSC parent leaders have advocated for the return of recess for years, working at both the school and district levels to speak up about the importance of recess for learning and development. HSC played a major role in successfully advocating for this policy change.

Transforming School Facilities + Operations

125,000+ school decision-makers are greening their schools with the support of HSC’s Quick + Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, a resource that equips schools to implement a healthy, environmentally responsible cleaning program.

Transforming the Classroom Experience

100+ teachers representing 55 Chicago schools are teaching lessons in healthy new ways thanks to Fit to Learn, HSC’s professional development program focused on integrating physical activity and nutrition education seamlessly into the classroom and school.

Transforming School Nursing

97 percent of school nurses who completed HSC’s School Nurse Leadership Program reported that they had made changes related to school food just six months after completing the training. HSC has built a strong community of nurse advocates across the nation and a solid foundation for advocacy in school nursing.

Give the gift of physical activity, good food and clean air. You have the power to help make healthy schools a reality. Please consider making a year-end gift. Your contribution will make a real impact on our ability to ensure that schools can provide students with healthy environments, nutritious food, opportunities for physical activity and experiences that support lifelong healthy habits.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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