BOOK REVIEW: Our Generous Garden by Anne Nagro

April 13, 2010 | Written By:

Spring is here, and soon gardens will grow! Today we're featuring a book review from a special guest blogger. Thanks to Lynn for this review!


review by Lynn Hyndman

Across our country, more and more children have the opportunity to step from their school doorstep into their own school garden.  The beauty of gardens is that they captivate our senses, our mind, and our
spirit — not to mention the invigorating workout they provide our muscles and bones.

Our Generous Garden tells the real-life story of a school vegetable garden in the central Midwest that has enriched the lives of an entire school community in just these ways.  Here children see nature at work
firsthand, forge a deeper respect for the land and our connection to it, and are awed and surprised by the discoveries that await one at each turn in the garden.

Stroll through the garden with the students at this school and learn of their excitement in harvesting crops and the joy and satisfaction derived from contributing more than 900 pounds of vegetables to the local food bank.  Experience their pleasure as they prepare garden fresh dishes for themselves and share a few of their recipes with you.

Perhaps you'll find inspiration for starting your own garden, recall the pleasures of a juicy tomato plucked from a garden on a hot day, or take more satisfaction from that next home cooked meal prepared with the help of your family.

What you're sure to recognize is the power of gardens to engage adults as well as children on many levels and their potential for growing and deepening relationships in a school community.

Lynn Hyndman is coordinator of the Dawes School Garden of Eatin', a Slow Food in Schools project.

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