Recipe Friday: Easy Egg Bento Box!

July 31, 2013 | Written By:

Bento boxes are great for summer snacks!

With a family on the go, healthy snacking can be a challenge. For camp lunches and long car trips, we love bento boxes that are simple and easy to store in an ice pack or cooler for kids and adults alike. These colorful bento boxes are easy, tasty, portable and inspire kids to try all different kinds of vegetables, especially when paired with some delicious hummus or a cool, creamy spinach yogurt dip. And the best part is, you can be creative — arrange the veggies around the egg in a pattern or a scene to the delight of the snacker.


“Egg-cellent Bento Box” (via Chris Clarke at Door-to-Door Organics)

You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes

  • 1/2 cups celery, cut into 2-inch sticks

  • 1 hard-boiled egg, peeled

  • 1/2 cups baby carrots

  • 1/4 cups hummus or yogurt-based spinach dip

  • 1 dill pickle

How to Make It:

  1. Cut veggies into shapes or into a picture, if desired.

  2. Place a divider (or several) in the container of your choice.

  3. Assemble contents in bento box, either in your scene or picture of choice, or arranged by food item, with one section dedicated to the dip of your choice. A bento-themed site like Just Bento will have some ideas for arrangement.  

  4. Enjoy!

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