Epicurious.com Spotlights Cooking up Change

October 19, 2012 | Written By:

by Lindsay Muscato

Cooking up Change is right around the corner — so we’re extra-thrilled to see some hype from Epicurious.

Yes, that’s right, one of our very favorite food web sites did a blog post on Cooking up Change and interviewed our President and CEO, Rochelle Davis. The post says:

In the land of meat and potatoes and epic Italian beef sandwiches and weighty pizza, Chicago is leading the way to empowering schools to create healthy environments, in part with Cooking Up Change, a healthy cooking contest that challenges teams of public high school students to create a “healthy, great-tasting school meal that meets high nutrition standards, incorporates a local food item, draws from ingredients commonly available to food service, and can be easily prepared in a school kitchen.”

Read on….

Writer Rose Palazzolo is one of the judges for Cooking up Change, so she has the inside scoop on why the event is so valuable and exciting. Thanks, Epicurious, for the spotlight! We’re still blushing.

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