From Fit to Learn to Going for the Gold!

April 13, 2011 | Written By:

We are excited to share a story about a school that got involved in the Go for the Gold program after a recommendation from teachers who are participating in Fit to Learn!

Three teachers from Chicago's Passages School attended  Fit to Learn, HSC's professional development program that prepares teachers to make healthy eating and physical activity a regular part of the classroom experience. Through Fit to Learn, the teachers learned about Go for the Gold, HSC’s partnership with Chicago Public Schools to support schools in meeting the high standards for food, nutrition education and physical activity set by the HealthierUS School Challenge, the program that First Lady Michelle Obama is urging schools to take on. The teachers went back to their school and shared their excitement about taking on the challenge with their principal.
“The idea to apply for the Go for the Gold campaign really came from the enthusiasm shared by our teachers who attended the Fit to Learn training in January. They came back from the training so excited about starting this campaign in our school that I knew we had to apply!” said Passages principal Nicole Feinberg.

Passages Charter School is a public school that focuses on meeting the needs of refugee and immigrant students as well as students from Chicago. With such a diverse student body, Passages has more than  23 languages spoken at school. Even before its teachers got involved in Fit to Learn, Passages offered recess every day and school leaders focused on incorporating health and wellness into their daily curriculum.

“Aside from teacher enthusiasm for the program, I really wanted to do a better job as a school to encourage students and their families to engage in healthy eating and wellness habits,” said Feinberg. “I felt it was essential for nutrition and wellness to be emphasized at the school level.”

Now, school leaders are enthusiastic about continuing and strengthening their efforts through Go for the Gold.

“We are looking to encourage healthy eating choices, exercise and nutrition education to our students and their families through the Go for Gold Campaign,” said Feinberg. “Hopefully if accepted into this program, we can use the resources to further promote healthy lifestyles at Passages!”

Kudos to the Fit to Learn participants from Passages for putting their new knowledge into practice!

To learn more about Fit to Learn, click here; for more information on Go for the Gold, click here!

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