Go for the Gold: “Helping Us Be the Best Every Day”

August 21, 2012 | Written By:

As part of our Go for the Gold celebration, students created artwork and wrote essays about health and wellness at their school.

In this essay, Chancez Sims, a seventh-grade student at Morton School of Excellence, talks about the importance of being healthy and what his school does to promote wellness.

He writes:

My school, Morton School of Excellence, helps me to be healthy in ways like providing healthy meals with fruits and vegetables, and a fitness center. I also have good role models of eating healthy and living healthy with healthy choices. They also have healthy snacks like raisins and sunflower seeds which provide energy so we can stay active and be better thinkers. We also have many sports teams to choose from to keep us moving on a daily basis. When we do sports, we learn to warm up before we start so we don’t injure any muscles or bones. . . My school monitors what we eat which is good, there is no junk food being sold there and our cafeteria is giving us more healthy food options. It is not all about the food. We also do exercises and have recess. At recess we go to the playground and work every part of our bodies. In our school the teachers exercise our minds so that we can be good thinkers and successful.

Morton School of Excellence was one of 37 Chicago schools recognized for meeting the high standards of the HealthierUS School Challenge in spring 2012. Morton received the Gold Award.

Kudos, Chancez! We’re looking forward to sharing more youth voices.

Stay posted for more student art and essays from this celebration!

To learn more about Go for the Gold, visit www.goforthegoldCPS.org.

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