Good Luck to the Cooking up Change Student Chefs: A Message From White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass

October 27, 2009 | Written By:

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Cooking up Change is only a few days away and we’re getting excited. Our high school student chefs
are finalizing their healthy school lunch menus as they prepare for the
competition. We can’t say enough about how thrilled we are for their
participation in HSC’s healthy culinary contest.
The meals that the students create will be part of a national dialogue
on the future of school food, highlighting the power of student
engagement in healthy change.

But we also think
that Assistant White House Chef Sam Kass says it better than even we
could. Sam got to know Cooking up Change when he prepared the winning meal from Cooking up Change 2008
alongside the student chefs who designed it at a briefing on the future
of school food.

Check out his message to the young chefs:

Here’s a transcript of Sam’s remarks:

it going, my name is Sam Kass, I’m an assistant chef at the White
House. I’d like to welcome you to Cooking up Change, it’s an exciting
night. I know all of you guys are a little bit nervous and excited for
this big event. But stay calm and relax. I’m really excited to see all
of the amazing dishes you guys are going to create.

We all
know how important it is to feed our kids healthy, delicious meals
every day when they go to school for lunch. This is something that is a
top priority for us here at the White House. And we are excited and
thrilled by the new energy that you are going to bring to this, all of
the creativity that you have, and the fact that you are the future of
chefs in America.

So I really look forward to hearing and seeing
and maybe tasting what you guys come up with, and see the winning team
in Washington.

Good luck!

We couldn’t have said it better! So good luck. We can’t wait to see you there!

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