Green Cleaning Catches On, One Customer at a Time

May 18, 2009 | Written By:

By Lindsay Muscato, HSC Writer/Communication Specialist

In Northwest Indiana, one small company is helping to teach consumers that green products are just as effective as conventional cleaning products.

Joe and Tammy Nelmar own Great Lakes Supply & Chemical Inc. The News-Dispatch of Michigan City, Indiana, writes:

Joe talked about a cleaning contractor in South Bend who had been using a traditional floor degreaser. The man suffered from arthritis symptoms that went away when he started using a green product.

Joe understands why people might hesitate to switch to green products, especially because of lingering misconceptions that green products are less effective than traditional ones. Today, that's just not true, Joe explains. He says, “If you're supposed to clean a building and you have something that doesn't work, you're going to catch hell… We're helping them to adapt to replacing the old with the new.”

The Nelmars help consumers demystify the wide variety of cleaning products out there, and remind people that these aren't your dad's green cleaning chemicals.

“Early attempts to make green chemicals failed miserably because they didn't work,” [Joe]  said. “They could make them safe, but they were more expensive and not effective.”

But now, things have changed and the Nelmars want to tell the world about green cleaning.

“We have a green product that can substitute for almost any product we sell,” Tammy said.

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