Green Schoolyards: A Growing Movement

April 01, 2016 | Written By:

Healthy Schools Campaign and Openlands are pleased to announce the release of a new report, Green Schoolyards: A Growing Movement Supporting Health, Education and Connection with Nature. This document, which makes a strong case for the significant and diverse benefits of green schoolyards, is informed by a rich dialogue that has been taking place at the national and local levels about how to help children, families, schools, communities and our environment thrive.

This report documents the journeys and lessons of green schoolyard programs across the country, as well as the experiences and expertise of grassroots leaders and public and private partners working at the school, community and city levels; policymakers from the local, state and national levels; and additional research into emerging ideas, funding streams and innovative partnerships. Our goal is to share information and stories as well as tangible steps communities can take to develop their own green schoolyards.

We look forward to watching the green schoolyard movement grow and hope this report will support and further the conversation already underway about green schoolyards. We are confident that these schoolyards, and the innovative partnerships and new ideas that are a hallmark of all these models, will significantly benefit our children, communities and environment.

Our Space to Grow program, which we co-manage with Openlands, is one of the green schoolyard case studies featured in the report. Space to Grow’s unique program model brings together leadership and funding from three public agencies: Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Department of Water Management and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

You can read more about Space to Grow and five other program case studies in the report.

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