Happy Halloween – Make it Orange, Black and GREEN!

October 21, 2009 | Written By:

Today we have a guest blog from Betsy Bigelow Teller, newsletter editor at the Green Schools Initiative


Costumes, candy, and Halloween parties are just ahead.
You may not feel you can get away with slipping organic vegetables into the
trick-or-treater's bags, but you can definitely slip some eco-consciousness
into Halloween this year.

I've got three kids – kids who are full of
enthusiastic ideas about the party I should throw, the costumes they want, and
the various candies we must offer to trick-or-treaters. But
all their great ideas can add up to a mountain of expense and waste (not to
mention tooth decay). Instead, why not try the tips and links below to: a) keep it
green, b)
save money — and best of all, c) save your sanity and have some fun!

  • Choose reusable cloth bags for
    trick-or-treating this Halloween. Kids can decorate their own bags with fabric
    markers or paints. For a simpler alternative, re-use a paper grocery bag with
    handles – your child can decorate it with markers and stickers.

  • Host a pre-Halloween costume swap with
    friends and neighbors; purchase second-hand costumes; or buy costume raw
    materials at a thrift store and get creative. Avoid vinyl masks and
    plastic/vinyl teeth. No need for plastic — Halloween is scary enough as is!

  • Find ideas for greening your school events
    all year long on our website at Green
    Your School Events

Check the links below for green and healthy costumeparty,
and craft 
ideas that will result in fun without the big expenditures
and sugar overload:?

Nature Network: Costume Tips and Photos – Cheap, Easy & Green

Tips for Greening your Halloween

Halloween: Healthy & Earth-friendly Holidays

Costume, Trick-or-treating, & Party Tips

Happy (green) Halloween!

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