Healthy Dessert Recipe: Kefir and Granola Sundae!

October 21, 2011 | Written By:

This dessert recipe was contributed by Anne Moertel, Communications and Design Specialist for HSC. This dessert is a take on an ice cream sundae, but replaces the ice cream with kefir and tops it off with fresh strawberries and local sweet granola.

Kefir is a probiotic, very similar to yogurt, and contains live cultures that promote healthy bacteria to aid digestion and bring balance to your inner ecosystem. It is considered a cultured milk product, created by fermenting milk with kefir grains, which makes for a very tasty and protein rich drink. It has a similar tartness to yogurt, but is said to be even better for bringing healthy bacteria to your body.

For this dessert, simply top plain kefir with fresh fruit and some local sweet granola. Anne suggests Original Café Mix originally created at milk & honey in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.

This dessert makes a surprisingly sweet and delicious dessert that still delivers on nutrition with one serving coming in under 250 calories!

Anne’s Kefir and Granola Sundae


  • 1 cup plain kefir
  • ¼ cup granola of your choice
  • A handful of sliced strawberries

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Plus! Click here for 80+ more tasty ways to use kefir!

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