A Hero for Healthy Schools: Mr. Frank Hatsis

May 18, 2011 | Written By:

Last month, HSC teamed up with Chicago Public Schools and the Office of Minority Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to present Heroes for Healthy Schools, a series to focus attention on the role everyone can play in ensuring that all children are able to succeed in school and live healthy lives. We invited our readers across the country to nominate individuals they see making a difference for kids’ health at school and in the community. Today we are happy to spotlight one of the many Heroes for Healthy Schools you wrote to tell us about!

Frank Hatsis

“My name is Sawyer and I am six. I am nominating my teacher Mr. Hatsis who teaches P.E. at my school in New York City.

He has many healthy games for us to play. We run a lot in P.E., but nobody even knows how much you are exercising because he makes it so much fun. Also, a big part is to be a good sport. In knockout, you have to be honest if you get out. You can always get back in on the next game.

Mr. Frank said this…

'It is my goal to learn how to live a happy, healthy, physical and exciting life. I'm able to do this because I had teachers and coaches who helped me achieve and grow both physically and mentally. It is now my turn to give this experience back so that our young students may achieve their physical goals.'

I am inspired because Mr. Frank loves physical education and now we all do too. We can't wait to exercise in P.E.  He is our hero because he helps us to move around a lot.”

Congratulations to Mr. Frank Hatsis for making such a positive impact on his students and making his school a healthier place to be!

Plus! To read about more individuals who are making a difference for school wellness, check out the Heroes for Healthy Schools section of HSC's blog!

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