Healthy School Food Makes the News!

August 26, 2009 | Written By:

By Lehia Franklin Acox, HSC public relations consultant 

interest in healthy school food is growing, from President Obama’s recent
remarks about the Child
Nutrition Act
to news coverage of local and national efforts to encourage
action as the country heads back to school. Here’s a recap:

  • The
    Los Angeles Times
    covered Slow Food USA’s “Time for Lunch”
    campaign to encourage individual and collective action on reauthorization
    of the Child Nutrition Act. HSC is a partner
    in Slow Food’s national Time for Lunch effort, which prioritizes increased
    funding for better school food.
  • And in Chicago,
    Slow Food Chicago hosts an
    “Eat-In” today, Wednesday, August 26 in Daley Plaza.
    Huffington Post Chicago talks about the event and the organization here.
  • As
    covered in our blog,
    President Obama recently spoke about the need to
    engage local farmers to deliver healthier food to schoolchildren.
  • Whole Foods, which has seen
    plenty of news
    lately in response to CEO John Mackey’s comments on health care reform, is
    making headlines for the launch of its School
    Food Revolution
    in partnership with Chef
    Ann Cooper,
    a.k.a. “The Renegade Lunch Lady.” National coverage of the
    effort includes the Los
    Angeles Times
    , New
    York Times
    , Uprising
    and even the trade publication Pork
    . HSC’s Rochelle Davis was also featured in the NYT and
    Uprising pieces. (Stay posted for details about HSC’s upcoming series of
    events with Ann Cooper and local Whole Foods shops in the Chicago area.)
  • Veggie lunches made the news in U.S.
    News & World Report
    , which highlighted the vegetarian options popping
    up on school menus nationwide while pointing out the financial challenges
    school food service directors face in providing healthy meals.
  • And food writer and policy expert
    Marion Nestle even tackled a question
    about school meals in her regular San Francisco Chronicle food

It’s exciting
to see this new level of national dialogue around the school food issues that
we know are so important. Stay posted for more updates, and be sure to raise
your voice
for healthy school meals!

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