Help HSC Meet the $25,000 Challenge — Make a Difference for Children’s Health and our Environment

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is excited to announce a $25,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor! To
meet the challenge, we must raise $25,000 in gifts from new donors, or gifts in
higher amounts from previous donors. This is an amazing opportunity to leverage
$50,000 in crucial support for our work.

meet the challenge, we need your help. Please consider making a first-time gift
to support HSC, increasing your annual gift, or telling your friends and
colleagues about this opportunity to help bring much-needed resources to the
campaign for wellness and environmental health in schools. 

You can make a gift and find tools to tell your friends here.

gift will help us continue the important work of making schools healthier
places in which to learn and work. Our goal
is for schools to provide healthy environments that have a positive impact on the
rates of childhood obesity and asthma. To create sustainable, long-term change, we help parents, school nurses,
teachers, principals, students and other school stakeholders work hands-on to
improve their schools, and make sure that they have a voice in advocating for effective,
long-term change.

efforts can mean:

– Children
in cafeterias across the country eating more fresh, healthy food – fresh fruit,
whole grains and even locally-grown vegetables – giving them the nutrition and
energy to learn and the opportunity to develop the eating habits that will
shape their health for a lifetime

– School
staff cleaning
classrooms with safe, effective, environmentally friendly cleaners, cutting the
health risks that come with exposure to potentially toxic traditional cleaning
chemicals and reducing the contaminants that can trigger asthma attacks or
respiratory problems for children and teachers in the classroom

joining together to establish active wellness teams that create walking school
buses, after-school dance classes, shared gardens in urban yards and even
neighborhood healthy cooking classes to make a difference for kids’ health

 – Kids
running and playing at recess, taking a much-needed break from structured
classroom lessons and boosting their physical activity rate

– School
nurses leading change to make sure their schools support student wellness –
taking steps to improve the air quality at school, the food available all day
and even students’ understanding of healthy eating

– Students
with asthma breathing easily in well-ventilated green schools after years of
using an inhaler to get through the day at a school with poor indoor air

– High
school students working together to create
healthy school lunches
that meet high nutrition standards on a tight budget
– then telling their friends about the benefits of healthy eating as the meals
they design are served in schools across the nation

Because HSC works with school
stakeholders – teachers, parents, nurses, students, principals, facilities’
staff, architects, community leaders and more – to make change, our impact
reaches beyond one-time events to help create a culture of wellness and
sustainability in our nation’s schools.

Please consider lending your
to this campaign for our environment, our children and education.

Click here to make a gift or tell your friends about this opportunity to make a difference.


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