HSC’s #GimmeFive Tips for Principals

March 27, 2015 | Written By:

We have five tips for principals to help their students lead healthier lives.

As a way to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move, the First Lady is challenging everyone to tell her five things they are doing to eat better, be more active and lead healthier lives. The #GimmeFive campaign kicked off last month and has garnered participation from Rachael Ray, Beyonce and Dwyane Wade.

At Healthy Schools Campaign, we work every day to make sure students eat better, are more active and lead healthier lives. And we accept your challenge, Mrs. Obama!

Here are five things principals can do to support healthier schools and make sure students are thriving:

  1. Make sure students start the day ready to learn with a healthy breakfast. Read more.
  2. Add extra recess as an incentive instead of taking it away as a punishment. Read more.
  3. Implement healthy school fundraising and celebration practices, which helps deliver a consistent message to our kids about the types of foods and activities that will fuel their learning and health — from the lunchroom to the classroom and everywhere in between. Read more.
  4. Encourage staff wellness and serve healthy food at staff meetings. Read more.
  5. Engage parents in promoting school wellness. Read more.

Have more tips for principals? #GimmeFive in the comments. Next week, we’ll give five tips for teachers.

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