Kudos to the W. K. Kellogg Foundation & 7th-Grader Megan Davis: Improving Kids’ Access to Physical A

December 03, 2009 | Written By:

By Rochelle Davis, Founding Executive Director


Last week the W.
K.  Kellogg Foundation
announced an investment of $32.5 million to
improve children’s access to healthy food and physical activity. They are
supporting efforts that bring together community stakeholders to address policy
and community barriers. 

It is great to see a foundation like Kellogg
understand the need to make fundamental changes to children’s environments and
to make such a significant commitment to address the problem of childhood

There are many barriers to providing children with access
to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity.  And it will
take the cooperation of many to make meaningful and sustainable change.


While the Kellogg Foundation is making this large national
commitment, I want to highlight the efforts of a seventh-grader in
Northbrook, Ill. who is doing her part to address some of the barriers that
exist to being physically active. In the spirit of full disclosure, the seventh-grader, Megan Davis, is my niece.  For the second year in a row she has
been collecting bikes and scooters and delivering them to children whose
families are not able to afford them. This year Megan was
successful in collecting 120 bikes.


Kudos to the Kellogg Foundation and to Megan Davis for
doing their part to improve children’s access to healthy food and physical

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