Invite Your Legislators to the Through Your Lens Exhibit!

October 05, 2009 | Written By:

Sidebar2 The Through Your Lens Exhibit opens on Capitol Hill today! The photos in the exhibit, all taken by students, teachers and community members around the US, tell a powerful story about the condition of our nation’s school buildings.

The exhibit is opening as Congress considers legislation to fund the repair, renovation and construction of safe, healthy, and green school buildings.

Please help us spread the word about the exhibit and ensure that our legislators know how important it is to take a look at the images. Please take a moment to invite your senators and representatives to view the exhibit on Capitol Hill and to join us for the opening reception on Monday, Oct. 5 from 5-7 pm! (In the DC area? Come out and join us yourself! And bring a friend!) You can view the exhibit:

  •     Online at
  •     In the in the Russell Rotunda of the Senate office building  Capitol Hill Oct. 5-9.

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Thank you for helping show our elected leaders the often unseen reality of our nation’s school building conditions.

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