Julia Salomon on Breakfast in the Classroom Benefits

April 07, 2011 | Written By:

by Mark Bishop, Vice President of Policy and Communications

It seems to me that one of the voices missing from Chicago’s Breakfast in the Classroom dilogue is the voice of individuals who are actually putting the program in place on a daily basis. To address that, we’re reaching out to principals, teachers and food service directors who are implementing these programs.

Let’s first start with Julia Salomon, school breakfast specialist at the University of Wisconsin Extension. Julie has conducted research with teachers who implement Breakfast in the Classsroom programs and shares her story on camera with our friends at FRAC. Julie has interesting insight about the program, including…

“Teachers who are already involved in serving breakfast in the classroom have a much more positive view of breakfast in the classroom… So that leads us to think that there is a lack of awareness of what a successful breakfast in the classroom model can be…”

She shares that teachers already involved in the program report that their workload did not increase and that they saw absenteeism and behavior problems go down.

Take a look at Julie's story, and stay posted for more voices of the teachers, principals, parents and food service professionals involved in this program.

Julia on Breakfast from Christina Uticone on Vimeo.

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