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We recently spoke with Enviro-Solutions, a leader in green cleaning and a sponsor of HSC’s Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, about their new video contest. Vice president and general manager Mike Samchuk said, “Our belief is that having schools in the healthiest possible condition is the right thing to do.”

Enviro-Solutions provides resources to help school facilities convert to a green cleaning system. “We have the opportunity to provide every product that is certified green,” said the vice president. “We can convert all of [a school’s] cleaning chemicals to green certified products and give them a healthier school environment.”

Providing environmentally-friendly products provides an intrinsic value for Samchuk and Enviro-Solutions employees. 

“It’s a wholesome feeling. You feel good like you’ve done something wonderful,” he said. “People come back to us and tell us that since we started using your products, I don't have headaches.” 

He adds, “it's the right thing to do for the health and safety of the users, occupants and visitors, and for the earth: to use products that can do the same job for the same price that are proven safe for people and the environment.”

Samchuk forecasts a new trend in efforts to maintain our environment. “Years ago it was green and green cleaning. Now we’re evolving to sustainability, we’re going to give the Earth to the next generation the way in which we found it. That’s not good enough,” he said. “The next movement will be restorability. We should be looking at restoration to get more forest, get more wetlands reducing pollution so the Earth can be in a better position. It will be a key initiative in engaging youth.”

We couldn’t agree more! 

For more information about Enviro-Solutions please visit their website. To learn more about their “Going Enviral” contest, please visit their Facebook page.

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