Teacher Contest: Share Your Ideas for Wellness in the Classroom!

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Attention, teachers: we need your great ideas! By September 15, please share your best ideas for improving student wellness in the classroom.

Have you found a favorite read-aloud book to teach healthy concept? Have you discovered an easy way to incorporate yoga breaks into the classroom? What are some favorite healthy snacks for classroom parties? 

We've already received fabulous ideas from teachers across the U.S.

Kathy Shows of Madison, Miss. wrote:

Each morning for the announcements our students move to the music of our famous composer of the month. Our music teacher sends out a sheet to give ideas for choreography.

Kristine Hillmann of Skokie, Ill. wrote:

Once a month, on Fitness Fridays I make the science daily (or warmup) something related to health.  This month, students compared brands of cereal to determine which was the most “nutritious” and wrote a hypothesis to this fact.  They also had to explain why.  We then discussed their guesses and evaluated the nutrition label on the box.  We talked about the advertisement on cereal boxes and if they are really accurate.

Thanks to Kathy, Kristine and all the teachers who have shared their great ideas! In the weeks and months ahead, we'll continue to spotlight ideas on the HSC blog.

When you share your idea, you’ll be entered in a raffle to win fabulous prizes for your classroom and school, including:

  • Complete prize package from The OrganWise Guys, including OrganWise Guy or Gal, educational video shorts, and the Wisercize supplemental classroom lesson program. Valued at $279 each.
  • Skillastics activity kits that combine learning with fun physical activity, created by renowned basketball player and educator Sandy Slade. Valued at $210 each.
  • Classroom wellness packages from School Health Corp. filled with stickers, games, activity sets and more. Valued at $50 each.

In classrooms across the country, more and more teachers are making student wellness a priority. Good nutrition and physical activity are becoming part of the curriculum, part of the school day, and part of students' everyday lives. Be part of this national movement; earn recognition for your success and be entered to win prizes.

Submit your idea today!

Entries must be received by September 15, 2010.

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