Third Annual Green Cleaning Awards Show Progress, Innovation in Green Cleaning

February 10, 2010 | Written By:


Recently American School & University magazine announced the winners of its prestigious Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities, co-sponsored by the magazine, HSC and the Green Cleaning Network.

Steve Ashkin, executive director of the Green Cleaning Network and author of HSC's Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, commented on the tremendous work of this year's winners in an article for AS&U. He writes:

. . . Nominees were using
all green products, which is an indication of the mainstreaming of
green cleaning. Manufacturers, along with distributors and service
providers, all are embracing green cleaning. As a result, products are
widely available, performance has improved, and costs have declined.

Nominees indicated their focus was on training
and effective cleaning procedures and not simply the use of green
products. Thus, it is hoped that the use of green products and staff
training will become the standard for schools and universities, not the

What set the winners apart was how their
programs have progressed beyond green products. Some of the most
notable activities by the winners included their focus on outreach in
an effort to not only inform them of their green cleaning efforts, but
also enlist their participation.. . .

Innovative measurement of cleanliness was
another trait of the winners. Many used automated quality-control and
assessment devices to measure performance. These devices, historically
used in the food industry, provide objective information and are
relatively inexpensive. This appears to be part of the future of
cleaning, as measurements will help improve performance and focus
limited resources on delivering cleaner and more healthful buildings.

To learn more:

Read Steve's full article, including his overview of the “firsts” in this year's contest!

Read more about this year's winners in AS&U magazine!

Check out for updates and to access HSC's full Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools,

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