Through Your Lens Photo Contest: The Moldy Math Book

March 02, 2011 | Written By:

Photo by Giavanna from McKees Rocks, PA

How would you feel if there was black mold growing inside a book you NEED for school? You’d feel like nobody in your district cares enough to buy new books, right? Right. But that’s not the problem here. We have no money to replace books so students like me get stuck with a book that could potentially make me sick… What would you do for a good education?


Through Your Lens is a collaboration of The 21st Century School Fund, Critical Exposure, and Healthy Schools Campaign to raise awareness of the need to fund school buildings that support learning and provide a safe, healthy environment for students and teachers.

By sharing photos and stories of what they see every day at school, students and teachers will provide us all with an honest window into today’s school buildings.

The contest deadline for submitting photos is March 7, 2011. Submit your photo here!

Plus! You can view and vote for other photos here!

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