Through Your Lens Student Photo Spotlight: “Snapshot”

February 11, 2010 | Written By:

In honor of the Through Your Lens
book release, HSC is proud to spotlight student and teacher photos of
the school buildings where they learn and work every day. Over the next
several weeks, we'll spotlight different images and stories from the
book and exhibit. You can view or download the full book at


By: Amanda

from Fort Lauderdale


“I took a picture of my friend in our photography class, and I really liked the shot because it gives the viewer a peek into our classroom. Our classroom is really neat, we have a variety of things that help us express our creativity, like our computers, the software on them, the books our teacher collects, etc. Another thing I tried to highlight in the photo is the colors of the books and posters in the room. I think this picture shows a positive view of my school, because not many schools around the country have access to a classroom quite like ours.”

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