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Healthy school food, green cleaning, sustainable schools, social justice: we love to keep up with the latest news and conversations about healthy schools issues on Twitter. Here are just a few of our favorite tweets from the past few days, with links to blogs, articles and conversations. Enjoy! 

Great collection of voices. Would have liked 2 see a school perspective though -> Making it Easier to Eat Local Food

How a sidewalk can
fight childhood obesity… as can walking and riding to school

 Childhood obesity is also about communities and safety. Can't
play if you're not safe | Slim Chances: A pound of cure

 Fried chicken buckets for the cure?!? Does anyone there see a
disconnect here?

 I have mixed feelings about this. Lunch should be for eating and
socializing | Lunch program gets students into books

 RT @thefoodies ”I
don’t think it ever works to tell people what they can’t eat.” Interview w
Alice Waters:

 Interesting thoughts on health vs local vs environment | Jamie
Oliver Kind of Showcases Local Food in His Revolution

 One challenge in schools is how long it takes to get food &
v short lunch periods. Programs can help this…

 Some great ideas for feeding healthy food to your kids. And I
LOVE the spiral slicer. I think I need one!

cleaning victory in Iowa! Let's green our schools! #greenschools

 And it's the fish dog once again… Sometimes this stuff makes
me laugh, but today I think I feel ill…

 Study shows exercise improves math and test scores! | Physical
activity strengthens the brain

 NPR Science Friday: improper cleaning a key factor in patient
infection via

 ..obesity problem(s) are many and powerful… to solve, the
response will have to be proportionate… via @ezraklein

 Happy Friday! Fun, easy, healthy recipe for the wknd: banana
flats! Thanks to @weelicious for
the inspiration

 @Weelicious, will you pack my lunch for me
next week? Please?

 I don't know what to think about this one, except DON'T mess
with the lunch lady… NJ school serves up punishment

 Great news! RT @lisapjackson -
Legislation filed today by Sen. Lautenberg is major step to improve our
chemical laws & increase safety

 An argument for a Healthy Babies Campaign | Preventing childhood
obesity from pregnancy on

 Head of nutrition for Chicago schools: “We are ready to do
our part.” Now we need Congress to do their part, too:

 Agreed. We don't need antibacterials in our hand soaps… |
Coming Clean on Soap Ingredients #greencleaning

 RT @SaludToday:
How does access to parks impact fitness? A new review shows how minorities have
less access.

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