Progress for FIT Kids Act in US House of Representatives

May 18, 2010 | Written By:

By Laura Fillenwarth

FIT HSC has long  been a supporter of the FIT Kids Act, a bill that promotes physical activity and physical education in schools.
The FIT Kids Act would require local and state education agencies to
provide an annual report to families including information on school
health and physical education programs, the amount of time students
spend in required physical education classes, and whether a school
follows a curriculum that adheres to the Centers for Disease Control and
guidelines (CDC). The CDC recommends at least one hour of
physical activity every day for children and adolescents.

On April
21 the FIT Kids Act passed the US House of Representatives. The measure still needs to go through the Senate, where it currently has 23 co-sponsors. The House passage of the FIT Kids Act
brings us one step closer to improving physical activity guidelines in

In addition to supporting school fitness, the bill also
encourages schools to participate in the USDA’s
HealthierUS School Challenge
which provides
recognition to schools that meet standards for physical activity, physical education, nutrition education and the food served in schools. (The HealthierUS School Challenge is the initiative that First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging schools to take on as part of her Let's Move campaign.) HSC is
currently working with
Chicago Public
Schools (CPS) and the USDA Midwest to
provide support to schools as they take on the
challenge. Through this effort, schools can address health disparities and work to create equal access
to healthy school environments.

Thank you to the US House of
Representatives for passing this important piece of legislation.

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