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July 27, 2011 | Written By:

Ftllogo Today, we are hosting Fit to Learn, a professional development program that provides teachers with the tools to incorporate health and wellness into the classroom experience.

Naturally, teachers, school nurses, and school staff serve as role models for students. They can also play a key role in promoting students wellness: their approach can further cultivate an environment that promotes healthy eating and fitness for children.

Additionally, health initiatives among staff members boost morale, increase productivity, and influence students to make better decisions that will lead to healthy, active lives. Healthy teachers and staff, like healthy students, are better prepared to bring energy and focus to the day.

Here are some ways teachers and school nurses can promote staff wellness:

  • See if your school or district offers staff wellness resources or initiatives.
  • Get active with your colleagues! Join together to organize after-school aerobics, walking clubs or yoga for staff. 
  • Walk while you talk. Meeting with a few others? Try a “walking meeting” and discuss your ideas as you stroll.
  • Recruit a local expert (perhaps that’s you!) to offer nutrition education classes to staff.
  • Make sure your snacks are healthy, too. Make it a policy that food served in staff meetings or in the break room will be just as healthy as the nutritious snacks you’d want students to eat. 

Get more ideas that you can use to create a culture of wellness in your classroom and beyond by checking out our Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools guide [pdf] from Fit to Learn. 

You can also read the latest Fit to Learn news on our blog.

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