Why Worm Composting is Great for Classrooms

February 02, 2016 | Written By:

Did you know that the grounds from your morning cup of coffee make excellent worm food?

That’s just one of the worm composting tips the attendees of our Worm Composting Fit to Learn booster learned a few weeks ago. During the booster, teachers also built their own worm composting environments and were able to start composting in their classrooms the very next day! Drew Thomas, the School Garden Coordinator for Chicago Public Schools, was on hand to offer tips and tricks.

Fit to Learn is our free professional development program that provides practical methods for making health and wellness a regular part of the school experience while meeting academic standards in core subjects like math, reading, science and social studies. Just as important, Fit to Learn is about networking with fellow colleagues and developing lifelong skills.

Now, you might wonder why teachers would voluntarily invite worms into their classrooms. Well, in addition to being environmentally friendly and resulting in great fertilizer, worm composting is a fantastic way to incorporate hands-on science lessons into the classroom. Students can literally see (and interact with) the science lesson by feeding the worms and harvesting the compost.

The teachers who attended the booster loved the practical tips, easy lessons plans and custom worm composting bin. Here’s what they’re saying:

“I really appreciated the enthusiasm in the room and connecting with like-minded teachers.”

“Very informative and totally convincing! I’ll be worm composting in the class tomorrow!”

If you’re interested in learning more about worm composting, you can check out the materials from this booster in our Resource Center.

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