Winning Lunch from Cooking up Change Chicago Served Today in Chicago Public Schools!

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Today, the winning lunch from Cooking up Change Chicago will be served to students across the city!

Nearly 300,000 high school and elementary school students will enjoy the award-winning healthy school lunch created by culinary students at Washington High School.

The meal features chicken rancheros, flavorful corn with cayenne and parmesan, and fruit salad with cinnamon and yogurt. This lunch, created with the same budget and preparation constraints of real-life school food service, won first place in Healthy Schools Campaign’s Cooking up Change healthy cooking contest in November 2012. Judges included chefs and community leaders from across Chicago. While their peers enjoy the lunch in the cafeteria, team members will present it to advocates and leaders in Chicago’s culinary community.

What did team members have to say about the Cooking up Change experience?

“The best part was the experience of showing off our food and what we want in our own lunch rooms.”
~ Vanessa

“You can make a lot of food with great flavors and it doesn’t have to be greasy. We came up with the menu using our heritage and culture.”
~ Leo

“I learned there are a lot of ways to create new and fantastic dishes. There are healthier ways to cook.”
~ Karen

“It’s all about how you work with your team. We’re making change so future generations can be healthier.”
~ Leon

“We worked so hard. I'm so proud of my school. It was a long road with lots of ups and downs. People will know good things about our school now. We were underdogs, now we're first-place winners.”
~ Marina

Congratulations, Washington!


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