Consultant Scope of Service: Illinois Healthy Student State Medicaid Plan Amendment and School District Outreach

Consultant Scope of Service: Illinois Healthy Student State Medicaid Plan Amendment and School District Outreach

Project Description

Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) is seeking a consultant to support a school district outreach and engagement program around the opportunity to expand Medicaid-funded school health services. HSC has a long history of advocating for policies at the federal, state and local levels that allow school districts to bill Medicaid for all medically necessary services delivered to Medicaid enrolled students. In 2014, HSC and others successfully advocated for a federal policy change that allows states to expand their school Medicaid programs to include all Medicaid eligible services; however, many states, including Illinois, need to make changes to their state Medicaid plans to leverage this opportunity. To date, thirteen states have made these changes but Illinois has not.  For more information about this work, click here.

HSC’s interest in engaging school districts is two-fold. First, as part of HSC’s advocacy effort it is important to demonstrate strong school district support for this change and for school districts to have input into the final policy recommendations. Second, HSC understands that successful implementation of a school Medicaid expansion will require outreach, training and capacity building at the school district level. And, while it is primarily a government responsibility to support school district implementation, HSC sees an important role for itself in supporting early adopters, documenting this implementation and understanding the policy and practice implications of this experience. 

Towards that end, HSC is interested in engaging Illinois school districts in this effort. HSC has conducted some preliminary outreach and has had school staff from over 100 school districts in Illinois participate. The consultant will:

  • Solicit input from school districts around key issues to inform policy development, implementation and understand impact. It is expected that these activities would include hosting virtual meetings, surveys and one-on-one meetings.
  • Solicit input from school districts and others to inform the development of HSC’s plans to support school districts in implementing this policy change including a statewide learning collaborative.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A list of school districts who have committed to expanding Medicaid funded school health services along with specific contact people and other key information about their program.
  • School district input on key questions to help inform state policy development and implementation. 
  • A report on the type of assistance that school districts need to expand Medicaid funding health services and recommendations for the delivery of that assistance (ie via ROE, special ed coops, professional associations, etc.)
  • A list of school districts interested in participating in a learning collaborative and reflections for HSC to inform this process.

Project Time Budget

Orientation, planning, project management5 hours
Engage school districts personnel80 hours
Project Findings (prepare and share)15 hours
Total100 hours

If interested, send a cover letter and resume to Rochelle Davis at

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