Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit

July 30, 2015

July 30-31, 2015

University of Washington-Seattle


Join Us for the First Annual Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit

This summer, Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) will host the first annual Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA. We are inviting the top facility managers, school decision makers, green cleaning experts and vendors from across the nation for two days of exciting presentations and panel discussions about the future of green cleaning, as well as more specific topics like safe disinfection and green floor care. Attendees will receive a behind-the-scenes tour of three-time Green Cleaning Award Grand Winner University of Washington’s cleaning program and access to the knowledge and expertise of the Green Clean Schools Leadership Council.

We’re launching the first annual Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit because, across the country, we’re seeing more dedication, innovation and support for green cleaning in schools than ever before. It’s time for leaders in the field to come together, share their knowledge and grow their programs. We’ll use information and findings from the summit to inform our ongoing guidance, outreach and education.

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