Our Children Can’t Wait: Webinar

February 8, 2023

UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, in collaboration with Healthy Schools Campaign, University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Science and Teachers College Press, is presenting a webinar on topics in the new book “Our Children Can’t Wait: The Urgency of Reinventing Education Policy in America.”

HSC Founder and President Emeritus, Rochelle Davis, and former National Program Director Alex Mays, contributed a chapter on “Youth’s Health and Learning Connection.”

Speakers will discuss the following themes in relation to education policy: addressing racism in schools, public health and education, and air quality and student learning outcomes.

This webinar kicks off a series of book-related events in 2023.


Dr. Joseph Bishop: Editor, “Our Children Can’t Wait”
Rochelle Davis: Chapter 7 – “Youth’s Health and Learning Connection”
Dr. Tyrone Howard: Chapter 6 – “Starting in School: Education Policies to Dismantle Systematic Racism”
Dr. Sara Grineski and Dr. Timothy Collins: Chapter 8 – “Air Pollution, Exposure to Contaminants, and Education Policy”

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