Providing Health Services During School Closures: How COVID-19 Has Altered Student Healthcare

March 18, 2021


In response to COVID-19 closures, state and federal agencies moved quickly to ensure school-based health providers could deliver services remotely, and that payment systems, including Medicaid, were in place for reimbursement. Administrative, technological and regulatory barriers were promptly identified and addressed on a state-by-state basis.

School districts did their best, but the results were inconsistent and incomplete. By fall, states faced a series of new challenges—including contact tracing and missed well-child visits and vaccinations—as schools moved to reopen. Today, the pandemic continues to cause uneven school disruptions across the country, and there’s a growing crisis around student health needs, especially mental healthcare.

This webinar examined the policies that helped districts deliver school health services during the pandemic and identifies key lessons learned thus far to increase access, especially for low-income families. Participants heard from policy experts and school and state officials.

Viewing this webinar will allow you to:

  • Understand how federal and state guidance shaped delivery of school-based health services during the pandemic, including the expansion of telehealth.
  • Understand how state education and Medicaid agencies, and school districts, responded to and continue to navigate multiple challenges.
  • Identify opportunities to “disaster proof” school-based health services to support continued access during public health emergencies and natural disasters.


Alex Mays, Senior National Program Director – Healthy Schools Campaign
Chelsea Prax, Assistant Director, Children’s Health & Well-Being – American Federation of Teachers
Caitlin Feuer Carney, Senior Manager, Cross Agency Medicaid Program – MassHealth
Eva Stone, Manager, District Health Services – Jefferson County (Kentucky) Public Schools 

Webinar Recording + Slides

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