Connecting Health and Learning through ESSA: Opportunities for School Nurses

August 27, 2018

3-4 p.m. Central Time

Make sure kids are in school, ready to learn

Schools are back in session, but are all students back in school each day? School nurses know better than anyone about the social determinants and health barriers to daily school attendance.

The majority of ESSA state plans include chronic absenteeism as a measure of school quality, and all new school report cards starting this fall must include chronic absenteeism rates. So, this will be an issue very much on the mind of parents and school administrators this fall.

Join the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Healthy Schools Campaign, and the National Association of School Nurses to learn about the opportunities ESSA provides school nurses as they collaborate with school staff, students, families and community partners to take action to reduce chronic absenteeism.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation | Healthy Schools Campaign | National Association of School Nurses


  • Annessa Bontrager, Alliance for a Healthier Generation
  • Alex Mays, Healthy Schools Campaign
  • Eva Stone, Director of Health Services, Jefferson County Public Schools


  • Donna Mazyck, National Association of School Nurses

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