Tell Your Representative to Fund Our Schools

Illinois has a chance to help the schools serving our most vulnerable children.

Encourage Your Representative to Override Governor Rauner’s Veto

Illinois still has a chance to pass a historic reform of its unfair and inequitable school funding formula. Tell your representative to vote to override Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto of SB1 and provide adequate funding to all of Illinois’ children.

Illinois’ school funding system magnifies inequity, leaving poor districts with fewer resources to help their most vulnerable students. This is true for Chicago Public Schools; it is also true for suburban and rural districts. SB1 changes the formula, using evidence-based measures to determine a district’s true need. Among the essential services that the state would make sure are adequately funded under SB1 are many key components of a healthy school environment, such as a school nurses, services for disabled students, and regular facilities maintenance.

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