Anayency Elizondo

Program Event Manager
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About Anayency

Hometown: Chicago

Education: Studying Psychology at National-Louis University

Hobbies: I play soccer. For the longest time, I played post, but lately I’ve been switching back to mid field. I’m not artistic at all, but I am very physically active. My three German shepherds also keep me busy.

Who are you?

As the Program Event Manager at HSC, I’m here to support the staff. I help coordinate events and trainings for our programs and manage the office. As part of the special events team I work closely with Parents United. I also work with Susan on financial accounting.

What makes your job great?

This is a good match for the skills I like to use. I have a good ability to manage and I love to work with numbers. I like collaborating with others, and I get to do a lot of that here. I also get the satisfaction of knowing I’m contributing to a good cause.

Why did you join HSC?

My best friend’s mom used to work at a partner organization, and they needed volunteers for Cooking up Change. For two weeks, I worked with Mark and Claire, and Mark offered me an opportunity to come here. It seemed like an interesting organization, especially since I was not very familiar with the non-profit world. The Cooking up Change event was a new experience, and I wanted to learn more about the work the organization was doing toward school health.

When did you come to HSC?

I started in 2007. Before this, I worked with my dad’s construction company. I helped my dad manage the company while they were out in the field running jobs.

Where does your motivation come from?

The people here are definitely a plus, and I get to contribute to the organization in a more behind-the-scenes way. I’m not out there like other program staff, but I get to help push our mission. I also like to challenge myself to new things, and I feel there’s always a new challenge or new task in the works.

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