Bill Ramsay

Information Technology Manager
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About Bill

Hometown: Northbrook, Ill.

Education: BS, Urban Planning, Michigan State University | MBA, University of Notre Dame

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, reading, doing anything outdoors, especially biking. I really enjoy biking for transportation and have started to explore bike touring. For 13 years I rode pretty much every day to the train station, an easy 6-mile round trip, but we were the only family I knew of in the suburbs with two adults and one car (and six bikes).

Who are you?

I’m HSC’s IT Manager. That means I work with everything that has a plug. It gives me a chance to really work on a broad variety of issues and devices. HSC has a lot of cloud-based products, so I don’t need to work on programming software as much as I work on improving functionality and enhancing productivity.

What makes your job great?

At small organizations, you have to work on everything. People come to your desk with all kinds of problems, and you can help them figure out whatever they don’t know. There’s a depth and breadth of IT issues that people need help with, and I really like the variety.

Why did you come to HSC?

HSC fits closely with how I view the world, and how my family views the world. We value education very much. I believe in the saying that you can judge a society by how well it educates its children. To be a part of that improvement—that’s pretty special.

Where does your motivation come from?

I believe people should think intentionally about their lives and what they value. I have a long history of working with non-profit organizations and enjoy this because they typically are involved in a cause that would not get addressed in the for-profit world. Non-profits are about taking an intentional approach, taking a stand and working on what’s really worth valuing.

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