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Clear support and leadership from the state can empower schools and educators to ensure all schools can support the health needs of Illinois’ students.

Making Smart Investments Across Illinois

For more than 15 years, Healthy Schools Campaign has worked with schools, administrators, parents, teachers, students and community members to create policies and practices that support student health and school wellness. We have seen firsthand how healthy school environments positively impact students’ all-around wellbeing and help build a solid foundation for learning. In healthy schools, good nutrition, physical activity, safety, clean air and water, and access to quality healthcare services allow students the opportunity to grow and succeed. In healthy schools, students learn—through lessons and through example—to value their own health and that of the environment.

Commonsense policy decisions can positively impact the health and academic success of students, particularly vulnerable and underserved populations. As elected officials, educators, health providers, advocates, and families and communities, we all have a responsibility and role to play in readying our students for success. Fostering health-promoting environments for students ensures our next generation of learners are prepared to the very best of their ability to actively engage and participate as our state’s thinkers, workers and leaders.

Illinois School Health Services Survey

We’re conducting a statewide survey for school districts to assess the current landscape of school health services across Illinois. This survey will also help identify current challenges and opportunities with providing critical health services to students.

This survey will provide valuable information regarding how school health services are currently being delivered and funded in Illinois. The results of this survey will inform recommendations to the state supporting policies and programs to expand access to and provide resources for school health services in schools. Learn more!

Healthy and Ready to Learn: Recommendations for Illinois’ Governor

HSC is pleased to present Healthy and Ready to Learn: Recommendations for Illinois’ Governor. The following recommendations are ways in which state leadership can support schools and their communities in creating conditions for improved school wellness and student health over the next four years.

  • Education Policy
    Leverage the flexibility afforded to states under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act to make targeted, smart investments in education through school wellness and student health.
  • School Health Services
    Ensure all students have access to quality physical, behavioral and mental health services each day in school, allowing them to be present, focused and ready to learn.
  • Healthy School Foods
    Provide all students with access to healthy and nutritious meals, upholding strong nutrition standards and supporting locally sourced foods.
  • Healthy School Environment
    Cultivate healthy school environments through investments in green and sustainable infrastructure, operations, and outdoor spaces.

The start of a new administration is an opportunity to reflect, plan and build for the future. With clear support and leadership from the state, schools and educators can be more empowered than ever in ensuring all schools can support the health needs of students.

Download Recommendations for Illinois’ Governor


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