Illinois School Health Testimonials

Calling all Illinois school health champions!

You can make a difference and ensure all students in Illinois have access to comprehensive school health services.

Raise Your Voice for Student Health and Wellness

Today, one in four children have health issues that affect their ability to succeed in the classroom—double the number just 30 years ago. This has implications not only for children’s long-term health, but also for their opportunities to learn and succeed at school.

As a school health champion, you can advocate for expanded school health services and ensure all students have access to quality physical, behavioral and mental health services each day in school, allowing them to be present, focused and ready to learn.

Please complete the form below to provide a testimonial on why strong school health policies matter to you and how quality school health services can positively impact student health and academic performance.

We will compile these testimonials and share them with public officials, lawmakers, school leadership and communities throughout Illinois. You can make a difference and help all students in Illinois gain access to comprehensive school health services!

Raise Your Voice

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Please contact Kate Yager, Director of State Policy and Advocacy, with any questions or concerns.

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