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Fit to Learn: The MyPlate Shuffle

MyPlate reminds us to eat a variety of foods each day and to make healthy choices about those foods. This lesson introduces students to the different food groups and the…

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Fit to Learn: The Power Inside Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential for maintaining good health and development in children. The first activity in this lesson introduces the essential nutrients in fruits and…

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Fit to Learn: World Class Healthy Cooking Relay

Making healthy food choices is a skill no matter where you live. In this lesson, students learn about foods from other countries, healthy and unhealthy ways to cook foods, and…

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Fit to Learn: Building a Food Vocabulary

Taste is a complex sense that influences what we like to eat and our food choices. After completing the lesson “Nutritious Words,” this activity will help students develop a wider…

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Fit to Learn: Classifying the Edible Parts of Plants

After completing the lesson “Fruit or Not?” students will have been introduced to one of the six edible parts of plants. This lesson will build on that understanding as students…

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Fit to Learn: Eating a Rainbow

Making colorful food choices every day helps encourage students to eat a variety of foods that are both delicious and high in vitamins and minerals. In this lesson, students will…

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Fit to Learn: Food Group Frenzy

Some of the most important things students can be introduced to at this age are the five food groups. Knowing the five food groups will help students make balanced and…

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Fit to Learn: Nutritious Words

With a little creativity, a typical spelling lesson can also be an exercise in hand-eye coordination and nutrition! In this lesson, students will use new props to add “flavor” to…

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Fit to Learn: Young Yogis

Yoga is a great tool to use in the elementary classroom. Yoga can energize, refocus, redirect or relax students. It can be done with both limited time and space in…

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Fit to Learn Tip Sheet: Healthy Celebrations and Rewards

Celebrations and rewards are a big part of school culture. Help students make nutritious food choices all day long! Beyond regular meals, snacks are sometimes offered during in-class celebrations or as rewards from…

Fit to Learn Tip Sheet: Physical Activity

Physical activity during the school day helps students focus better in the classroom, increases social skills and encourages an active lifestyle. Activity in the classroom is also a great way to get students’…

Fit to Learn Tip Sheet: Healthy Fundraising

Schools have many options for successfully raising money while keeping school wellness a priority—without relying on sales of unhealthy foods. Learn more about easy ways to hold healthy fundraisers in your school that…

Fit to Learn Tip Sheet: Nutrition Education

Good nutrition can go far beyond the cafeteria—into the classroom! Nutrition education can be a separate curriculum or it can be woven into existing standards-based curricula.

Teacher Fact Sheet: Worm Composting

A tip sheet from our Fit to Learn Worm Composting booster.

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Chicago Educator Webinar: Addressing Chronic Absenteeism

This is tagged Resources for School Districts and program categories Fit to Learn, Parents United for Healthy Schools, and Space to Grow. Students who aren’t in school—no matter the reason—can’t…

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