Principal Pledge

School Health and Wellness Pledge

Take the pledge to confirm your inclusion of health and wellness goals in our school improvement plan, the Continuous Improvement Work Plan.

The Opportunity in School Improvement Plans

Studies document what teachers, parents and education leaders know: Healthy students are more likely to attend school, are better able to focus in class and are more ready to learn, ultimately earning better grades and achieving more in school.

Schools should and do play a powerful role in supporting students’ well-being and that student health builds a foundation for learning. In a healthy school, students learn— through lessons and through example—to value their own health and that of others. With access to good nutrition, physical activity, basic safety, clean air and water, health services and education about how to make healthy choices, students are able to thrive.

A key opportunity for advancing student health and wellness is to integrate health and wellness into the school improvement plan, the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP).

Take the Pledge!

I believe healthy, active and well-nourished children are more likely to attend school, be ready to learn and stay engaged in class and that schools play an important role in supporting student health and wellness.

I pledge to support the health and wellness of our students by integrating health and wellness goals in our school improvement plan, the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP), and, ultimately, ensure all students have the opportunity to be the best learners they can be.


Your position title, ex: PE Teacher, Resource Teacher, Head Nurse

Two Options for Incorporating

There are two ways a school can include student health and wellness into a CIWP. Select one option.
Option 1: Include student health and wellness as a standalone strategy. Create a CIWP strategy that explicitly addresses health and wellness, with the “expected goal” of improving access to physical activity, nutritious foods, school-based health services, health education, behavioral health, school climate or supports for students with chronic conditions.

Option 2: Incorporate goals related to student health and wellness in support of larger strategies. Create a CIWP strategy that integrates student health and wellness into a larger strategy, such as increasing attendance and increasing family and community engagement. I’ll be sure to tag these identified strategies as student health and wellness.

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