Green Clean Schools Is Now Healthy, Green Schools & Colleges

Healthy Green Schools & Colleges changes the way schools are cleaned—with benefits for students, staff and the environment.

Green Clean Schools Is Now Healthy, Green Schools & Colleges

Pioneering advocacy organization Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) and global eco-certification nonprofit Green Seal have partnered to create a verifiable program for healthy and sustainable facilities management, procurement and practices for schools and universities nationwide.

Combining the success of HSC’s Green Clean Schools program with Green Seal’s technical and certification expertise, the Healthy Green Schools & Colleges program will provide facility managers and staff with verifiable standards, education, tools and resources to accelerate the uptake of practices that promote healthier and more sustainable school environments.

Why Green Cleaning?

From reducing carbon emissions to boosting test scores, green cleaning brings significant and tangible benefits. A well-designed green cleaning program will:

  • Help students stay healthy and learn
  • Protect the health of custodial staff
  • Increase the lifespan of facilities
  • Preserve the environment
  • Save money

Our Impact

Building on the work of HSC and Green Seal, HGSC is a leader in the green clean schools movement, encouraging and supporting schools to adopt green cleaning programs. We have:

  • Passed green clean schools legislation in Illinois and supported legislative efforts in seven other states
  • Run a national green cleaning awards program, recognizing schools and universities across the country with outstanding green cleaning programs
  • Provided regular online educational programming for schools and industry
  • Developed an extensive network of leading stakeholder organizations including many national education organizations, to educate their members about green cleaning in schools
  • Supported Green Cleaning Network as a Founding Board Member
  • Engaged with policymakers to incorporate green cleaning into national education and environmental programs
  • Helped more than 175,000 individuals use the Quick + Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, a comprehensive toolkit for schools is the place for all things green clean schools. The updated and expanded content reflects current trends in green facilities management practices and puts practical tools and resources for school decision-makers front and center. Easy-to-access resources include the 5 Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools (in both video and downloadable PDF format), Green Cleaning in Food Service Programs, Disinfecting in a Green Cleaning Program and more. The site is easier to use, easier to access and more comprehensive than ever before, with powerful tools for parents, teachers, administrators and cleaning professionals alike.


We’re grateful for the generous support of our Green Clean Schools sponsors, companies that are industry leaders in the manufacture and distribution of green cleaning products and services.

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